Broadband and Line Rentals

Why settle for the wrong kind of broadband? We can help you find your perfect bundle.

Standard – Up to 17Mb

If you’re just checking emails, browsing websites, shopping or reading news, you don’t really need fast broadband. Standard packages with speeds of up to 17Mb are enough for light internet usage.

Superfast – Up to 52Mb

If you want to stream TV and films or download music and games, you’ll find this much easier with superfast broadband. It’s perfect for households and Businesses of three or more people.

Even faster – Up to 80Mb

Even faster broadband with everyone connected – on tablets, mobile phones, PCs and consoles.

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We’re confident that our services will be of benefit to your business. Our VoIP virtual business phone systems, which use your internet connection to contact those you want to call, not only streamline your business communications but also offer greatly increased flexibility. Whether working from your office, their homes or external site, your employees can all take advantage.

Unlike some comparable systems, our VoIP phones will provide you with a number that is yours alone – that you can take with you wherever you go.

Hosted by cloud technology, VoIP phones can have many space saving benefits. Negating the need for cupboards full of equipment and an abundance of wires trailing across your office floor, they’ll make your office far easier to organise.

PBX Phone Systems

Alongside VoIP, our team also offer the installation and delivery of PBX business phone systems. Installing only the highest quality technology, they will make sure that this is expertly connected, and comes with all of the PSTN/ISDN lines that are necessary.

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